It is my pleasure to showcase the following website clients:

Here is a list of clients that are no longer online, or have moved on. It was my pleasure to work with each and every one of them:

  • Saskatoon United Soccer Club
  • Highland Ice Arena
  • Canada Remembers International Air Show
  • Australian Medical Sheepskins
  • Third Avenue United Church
  • Radiant Energy Design
  • Sask Place
  • Saskatchewan Hawks Professional Basketball Team
  • Denturist Society of Saskatchewan
  • RST Maintenance
  • WhatToDoInSaskatoon.com
  • SaskatoonSports.com
  • Season of Dreams
  • The Saskatchewan Chapter of the College of Family Physicians
  • Saskatchewan Art Education Collective
  • PAVO Kennels
  • Precision Appraisals Services
  • Hoffer Denture & Implant Solutions
  • Fraud Squad
  • Pizza Time Pizza and Donair
  • Knox United Church